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3 Steps to Help You Build Your Perseverance for Business Success

One of the critical components of success is perseverance. Without an ability to keep moving forward when faced with challenges and setbacks, you can’t expect to find success as an entrepreneur. Perseverance is what allows you to overcome difficulties and failures and can make all the difference in the world on your entrepreneurial journey. As…
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Risk and the Entrepreneur

Do Successful Entrepreneurs Always Take Big Risks? One of the things that make people wary of entering the world of entrepreneurship is that they are risk-takers by nature and they believe that they are going to be able to be a successful entrepreneur without taking huge risks. One of the first things that always comes…
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About our Founder

2Give Management was founded in 2013 by Steph Wood. As a comprehensive business development and management company we work with visionaries who want to start their company or nonprofit and with companies who are operating and already having success. Our specialty is helping visionaries DISCOVER THEIR GIFT, DEFINE THEIR GIFT, DELIVER THEIR GIFT so they…
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