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What is our Why?

Our Mission is to inspire, prepare and guide people to live their gifts; turning their passions and ideas into businesses, initiatives and community organizations.

Our Vision is to witness long-term success in underrepresented entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits who learn to practice sustainable, scalable, and duplicable processes, controls and outcomes.


We are proud 2Provide our clients with trustworthy, confidential and patient services.


We work 2Give our clients the platform to create organic initiatives that match their vision.


We strive 2Meet every need of our clients with dependability, honesty and strong work ethic.

2Give Team

2Give Management is highly capable and ready to work on your behalf to make your gift your business reality!

Steph Wood

Founder & CEO

Steph’s mission is to inspire and motivate positive change in those who struggle with embracing their afflictions, ovecoming oppression and living out their purpose; encouraging them to Live Their Gifts.

“Thank you, 2Give, for turning dreams into reality for so many.”
Sammara Bailey
Franklin Parks and Recreation

About Steph Wood

2Give Management was founded in 2013 by Steph Wood. As a comprehensive business development and management company we work with visionaries who want to start their company or nonprofit and with companies who are operating and already having success. Our specialty is helping visionaries DISCOVER THEIR GIFT, DEFINE THEIR GIFT, DELIVER THEIR GIFT so they can LIVE THEIR GIFT everyday.

2Give Management also provides business coaching and nonprofit organization coaching for those looking to expand or develop new programs or products. Our internal control development has been especially successful for our clients and provides extra stability and lays the foundation for success on every level of business.

Steph Wood is the Founder and CEO of 2Give Management. Her passion is helping others to do what they love for a living. Her belief is that all people are born with GIFTS and those gifts are meant to be developed, honed, and given back to the community and the world through business and initiatives. “Truly, we can only be happy when we are operating in our gifts,” Steph believes. For the past 17 years, Steph Wood has been innovating and helping to start, run, and maintain highly successful companies.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“2Give Management delivered on all their promises to build a website for our company that was both functional and beautiful. Steph Wood continues to provide JJM with great client services, quick updates and professional marketing support for our company”

Wayne Vick

JJM Associates

“Steph Wood, and 2Give Management, is an outstanding an invaluable source for me. I was in need of guidance from writing a business plan, to identifying streams of revenue, to creating a logo. I have learned a lot from Steph and consider her not to be just a business consultant but rather a business coach. I absolutely recommend to any start up or established business that is seeking to maximize its full potential to consider the talents and business savvy of Steph Wood”

Paula Dozier

Savvy Events, LLC

“2Give Management has been instrumental in the expansion of the Down the Middle Foundation. Through their one-on-one consulting and brand building, Steph Wood has played a big role in the advancement and success of the organization.”

Darnell Lee, Jr.

Dow the Middle Foundation, Inc.

“Steph Wood’s approach to business development is second to none. Her unique management skills and organization abilities puts her company in a class of its own. I recommend 2Give Management as a must have for any entrepreneur or business.”

Pastor Dr. Dwight S. Riddick, II

CMI Leadership Coaching

“In five short months, Camp25 has gone from a dream to a reality. Without Steph Wood, and the 2Give Management staff, this would not have been possible. 2Give Management offers a welcoming environment, is very knowledgeable about nonprofit and for profit businesses, and works at a speedy by accurate rate. I would recommend 2Give Management to any aspiring entrepreneurs or any business that is looking to grow.”

Eric Benton

Camp25, Inc.

“Coach P, LLC is very satisfied with the services of 2Give Management. Steph and her staff were very effective and efficient throughout our startup process, and continue to serve our daily business needs. By them being a full-time management service provider, we do not have to wait until off-peak hours to have our needs met. 2Give Management satisfies a great need of our community. Thank you to Steph and her staff.”

Travis Parker

Coach P, LLC

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