Knowledge is Key!

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Knowledge is Key!

Many times in business, we run into problems and even small issues that keep reoccurring. Most issues are petty, but then there are real problems that seem to be impossible to deal with. Every time you run into a problem in business, you should always look at it as an opportunity to get better. Problems are just challenges and challenges are meant to be conquered.

Every time someone gets the knowledge to solve a huge problem, they cash in. When the scientist in Florida noticed a problem with athletes lacking energy during games and not being replenished, they solved the problem by creating Gatorade. Gatorade is now valued at 4.8 Billion dollars… they cashed in!

When Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp noticed that there was a problem of not having transportation at your fingertips in this fast-paced world, they solved the porblem, cashed in, and called it Uber, and Uber is now worth over 60 billion dollars. Without having the knowledge to solve this problem, they would not be successful today.

Question… Would it be worth investing $2,000 in information that could make you $20,000? What about investing in $10,000 worth of knowledge that could make you $100,000?

It’s all about getting the knowledge to solve the problems that are right in front of your face.

Use your knowlege to cash in, and get more knowledge to cash in even more. Your knowledge is your currency.

Ask yourself these questions… What is my biggest problem right now? Where do I need to go, who do I need to talk to, and what do I need to learn to solve this problem right now?

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